Groupe Protec’s remote monitoring station is trained and experienced in the use of the technologies deployed by the group. Able to provide the supervision and application of the procedures on behalf of our clients wishing to outsource the management of systems
We are also alble to manage the frequency of the rounds carried out by our standalone solutions and to take care of the whole of the service whatever its place of deployment

Remote monitoring station Protec

  • Shielded cell with security lock

  • The telesurveillance station certificated APSAD P3 is computerized and redundant 24/7

  • The certainty of an application of personalized instructions

  • A multi-protocol reception front end meeting the most demanding information protection standards

  • Services associated with the SolidBot solution: cyberguarding, alarms receiving

Certification APSAD P3 guarantees

  • Skills and know-how recognition

  • Quality services 

  • Assurance of reliable and efficient security systems