drone HERCULES 20

Hercules 20 is a professional drone, with a large carrying capacity


The Hercules 20 drone can fly for up to 40 minutes (depending on its load) in all types of operational flight conditions.


Its two additional batteries allow it to carry heavy loads (up to 15 kgs) while offering significant autonomy.


Powerful and resistant, its carbon fiber frame and anodized aluminum mounts make the Hercules 20 extremely shock resistant.


Removable, and therefore easy to transport and store, it measures 60% less without its 4 arms and its landing gear.

hercules 20


Hercules 20 is a perfect solution suited to operations requiring heavy loads : monitoring, mapping, transportation or spraying.


  • Pensar SDK Camera: Dual Spectrum AI Driven.
  • Merio camera: EO / IR gyrostabilized, it is designed for surveillance and inspection.
  • Mini Hook: Release hook.
  • Self-contained spray tool: Designed for remote and precise spraying of liquid products.
  • Nerva Nexter: Mini multi-purpose robot.


  • Max takeoff weight: 33Kg
  • Payload: Any type of load up to 15Kg
  • Autonomy: up to 40 min of flight (15 min with max load)
  • Range: 2 km; 5 km option with specific frequency; up to 10 km in double operator mode·         Maximum speed: 25 m / s (90 km / h)
  • Weather conditions: -20 ° C to 45 ° C; Moderate rain
  • Propellers: Large sizes 26 “
  • Frame: 100% carbon and anodized aluminum
drone hercules 20

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