The ideal technology

The autonomous drone solution is the most efficient drone technology on the security market.

It presents all the essential guarantees for a deployment combining man and technology in securing large spaces. 

To secure sensitive and large sites

Our autonomous drone solution can be operated remotely for the protection of sensitive, large, private, industrial or institutional, civil or military sites. It easily interfaces with most security systems (Milestone, Genetec, etc)

Several surveillance missions

The autonomous drone solution makes it possible to carry out surveillance rounds and doubts removal on alarms with a simple “click and go” from the operator.

This authorizes an automatic take-off of the programmable drone towards the point of removal of doubt.

Drone autonome de surveillance autonomous drone solution

Autonomous drone solution “SARA” ©

The autonomous drone SARA © (Automated Aerial Robot System) is beneficial for many fields of application. Robust and operational, it operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be fully integrated into existing security systems.

This surveillance system, available in several formats, includes a automated drone thanks to a dedicated software package, as well as a ground docking station and a weather station.

The different station formats for automated drones

Our security solutions adapt to the size and characteristics of your site with a wide choice of aerial drones.

Drone autonome de surveillance

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Drone autonome de surveillance

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drone autonome

The development of the autonomous drone solution

Fully automated, this surveillance system is able to carry out pre-programmed surveillance rounds and clear up doubts. It automatically takes off from its base following the triggering of an alert and goes directly to the designated point. On site, the long-range professional drone captures images to quickly dispel doubt about this alert.

At the end of its mission, the autonomous drone reaches its base with unique landing precision, allowing it to position itself on it in order to recharge in a protected and secure space.

The missions of the autonomous drone :

Mission : automatic doubt removal

The autonomous drone can be operated by security guards. In the event of an alarm, triggered by the operator of the security PC, the drone automatically takes off from its base to go to the area, transmitting images and in real time and clearing doubts.

Mission : a round of surveillance by autonomous drone

The surveillance drone can also make pre-programmed rounds, according to the recorded route. It carries out its mission:
• unmanned (with automatic takeoff, route tracking and landing)
• with a choice between several saved flight plans
• with the transmission of images in real time.

drone autonome Milestone autonomous drone solution

The characteristics of the drone software/interface :

The drone software allows remotely to obtain data in real time (battery, speeds, altitude, etc.). It also makes it possible to program and launch surveillance missions (automatic rounds and removal of doubts).
• Timestamped events with mission replay
• Programming of missions and rounds (planning and configuration of waypoints)
• Definition of virtual barrier
• Integration of fallback zones and permanent and/or temporary no-fly zones
• Launch of automatic rounds and click and go by the operator