Remote monitoring system

To meet the temporary security needs of all sectors of activity, our teams have developed a complete range of easily and quickly deployable surveillance systems. These surveillance systems do not require any technical knowledge and can be positioned according to your safety and security needs, on existing structures: fence, mast, post, etc.

Thanks to these solutions, you have tailor-made security both outside and inside on a perimeter that can be extended to several kilometers thanks to a set of autonomous devices linked together by a secure wireless network.

Our range is currently available in two versions: the Protecbox and the Protecbox Lite. These two compact boxes combine numerous technologies: alarm system, intrusion detection system, video surveillance camera and fire detection.

Access control can use a programming system or be done locally with a keypad or remote control.

Thanks to the application that we put at your disposal, you can keep remote control of your site remotely.

  • Complete event logs
  • Instant Notifications
  • Real-time device performance
  • Live visualization of spaces
  • Arming and disarming the system

In addition, the teams of our own certified remote monitoring station (APSAD P3) ensure a 24-hour watch to guarantee your peace of mind.

Why choose these remote monitoring systems ?

Complete composition

  • Waterproof ABS case, shockproof, rainproof and dustproof.
  • Alarm unit certified to European standards with siren and flashing light.
  • Transmission by 3G/4G modem.
  • Modular power supply according to the specificities of the site.
  • Possible coupling with an intervention service on alarm.


  • Wide range of battery operated peripherals.
  • Selection of cameras according to customer needs.

Quick setup

  • Programming of boxes upstream by our technical teams.
  • Simply attach the surveillance system and your site is protected.
  • Maintenance, 3G/4G subscription and remote monitoring service.

Reliable and accurate monitoring

The remote monitoring system optimizes the security of construction sites, car parks, logistics areas or sporting and cultural events, demonstrations and isolated sites. The solution also makes it possible to fight against vandalism or illegal dumping.

It quickly detects intrusions thanks to its detection systems and informs the remote monitoring center, allowing the remote monitoring operator to take the necessary measures to secure the site.