Autonomous drone

#1 autonomous solution

The autonomous drone is the most advanced aerial surveillance technology on the market.

Complementary to man

It offers all the essential guarantees for a large space security deployment combining man and technology advantages.

For multiple sectors

It is perfectly adapted to surveillance of industrial sites, administrations and public establishments, cultural and sports events, building and public works.

With variety of missions

The autonomous drone enables automatic take-off, doubts check-ups, and surveillance patrols on the recorded itinerary generated by a simple “click and go” of the operator.

drone take-off

Mission: check-up doubt

The drone is connected to a command center and might be run by surveillance operators. In case of alarm triggering, the autonomous drone takes off from its base and move toward the alert area, simultaneously transmitting images to the operator.

Mission: automatic aerial patrol

The autonomous drone can also perform pre-programmed automatic patrols on the recorded itinerary. It fulfills the following missions:

  • without distant operator (automatic take-off, following recoded itinerary and automatic landing);
  • with a choice between several saved flight plans;
  • with image transmission in real-time.

Why choose autonomous drone surveillance solution?


  • Flight time = 30 minutes

  • Automatic reloading of the station in less than 30 minutes (with 50% return on the mission)


  • Altitude stability because of the laser range finder

  • Precision take-off and automatic landing

  • Dynamic flight plan with optional flight mode

Rapid setup

  • Full automatic check-up before each take-off

  • System’s initialization and takeoff in less than 45 seconds

  • Station open up in 30 seconds


  • Secure data links (RTL, Fail-Safe, automatic parachute)

  • Low-frequency auditory signature

  • Encryption > AES 128


  • 25 min autonomy
  • No blind spots, because of remote control
  • Camera resolution 1280×720, optical zoom x10, day / night, thermal vision x4
  • 1 km vision scope (possibility 10 km with relay)
  • Wind resistance up to 50 km / h; at the temperature between -10 ° and 50 °
  • Waterproof solution: drone = IP43; station = IP65
  • Compatibility with major VMS
  • Drone weight = 6.5 kg
  • Station weight is about 500 kg
  • Station dimensions: 2.11 x 1.75 x 1.47 m
Drone automatique
Télésurveillance / drone autonome


In case of intrusion, the operator can rapidly make a decision thanks to information from the autonomous drone. That allows him to apply the most appropriate procedures.

  Protec Security Systems propose you to take control of your autonomous drone by remote surveillance solution provided by its partner subsidiary Protec Sécurité that proceeds a cyberguarding station certified APSAD P3

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