The Protecbox Lite : Mobile alarm center

Centrale d'alarme nomade

The Protecbox Lite is the first level of security in our range of temporary alarm systems.

This waterproof and secure box is a complete wireless alarm system with 3G/4G connectivity allowing it to communicate in real time with our remote monitoring station but also with the smartphone application that we make available to you.

Designed to be easily and quickly installed, the Protecbox Lite is also an eco-responsible piece of equipment with its solar panel power supply. No cable pulling is necessary thanks to the secure radio link between the box and all the peripherals; These have a battery life of several years.

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Range of peripherals

Détecteur mouvement extérieur

Outdoor motion detector extérieur

Détecteur mouvement intérieur

Indoor motion detectorintérieur

Détecteur mouvement photo extérieur.

Outdoor photo motion detector

Détecteur mouvement photo intérieur.

Indoor photo motion detector

Détecteur ouverture porte & fenêtre

Door and window opening detector

Sirène exterieur

Outdoor siren

Détecteur incendie

Fire detector

Détecteur inondation

Flood detector

Détecteur mouvement double

Dual motion detector

Centrale d'alarme nomade
Centrale d'alarme nomade
Centrale d'alarme nomade
Centrale d'alarme nomade
Centrale d'alarme nomade

The wide range of peripherals includes, among other things, motion, flood, fire/smoke detectors but also relays allowing interconnection with any equipment already present on site.

Remote doubt removal is carried out by motion detectors which have an integrated camera. For night shots, the brightness is improved thanks to the infrared LEDs so that no threat goes unnoticed.

Finally, deterrence is achieved by means of a high intensity siren and a powerful red LED flash…

Features :

  • ABS case (32x42x180 cm) IP65 waterproof with self-protection on opening.
  • Central alarm connected to an APSAD P3 certified remote monitoring station.
  • 113 dB siren equipped with a flashing light.
  • Removal of doubt by taking photo sequences on detection or on request.
  • Powered by 220V or with a solar panel with backup battery
  • Modular system with a wide range of detectors
  • Possibility to connect up to 100 peripherals.
  • Detector with photo taking with a range of 15m.
  • Wall or mast mounting.
  • Smartphone app included.
  • Full pack: maintenance, internet connection, remote monitoring service.