Mini professional drone


Airshadow does not require any assembly to start its mission. No need to unfold the arms or mount the propellers, it is operational immediately. Its small size (31cmx33cm) makes it extremely compact and easy to transport.

Our priority is the security and confidentiality of your data.We guarantee no access or transfer of your data. The transmission of the Airshadow is fully secure and encrypted in AES 256.

The Airshadow comes in 2 versions:

  • Colibri 2 Next Vision camera: dual EO x20 / IR camera with tracking
  • Flir Duo camera: dual EO / IR camera

With its 2 different sensor options and its low weight (only 2kg), the Airshadow has a great versatility and can accomplish missions in various fields such as Safety, Construction, Inspection, Energy and Defense as well as only in different types of environments (urban, rural, construction sites …)

Its reinforced carbon nylon structure gives it a better rigidity and a high resistance to shocks and able to fly up to 90 km / h. It is resistant to winds up to 70 km / h in moderate rain.


The Hercules 10 can lift up to 17 pounds (8kg) during take-off


The 100% carbon fram and anodized aluminum fasteners make the Hercules 10 umtra-shock-resistant

Foldable arms

The Hercules 10 is equipped with a lockable and secured system of 4 foldable arms

Winglet propellers

The Hercules 10 uses Winglet propellers made of carbon fiber which makes them particularly strong and lightweight. Their curved tips limit the creation of vortices, and improves both the efficiency and the positioning of the drone. Furthermore, they reduce the noise as compared to standard propellers. The integrated folding mechanism allows an easier transport and storage in transport cases


The structure of the 8 motors used on the Hercules 10 includes openings that allows grater cooling during their rotation. Each motor can lift up 3.3 lbs of weight (1.5kg)

Landing gear

Carbon landing gear is completely removable for easier storage and transportation

DC CORE flight controller

he DV CORE flight controller uses a stat-of-art microcontroller and is entirely programmable and customizable



The carbon fiber frame and anodize aluminium fasteners make the Hercules 20 extremely resistant to various flight conditions.
The Hercules 20 resists to a 2mm deformation. Therefore it can carry up to 20 kg (44lbs) payload.

With its 2 extra batteries the Hercules 20 is a highly versatile platform and a heavy lifter system having great endurance capabilities. The Hercules 20 can fly up to 45 minutes in a wide range of operating conditions.

With an innovative design the Hercules 20 is a rugged and versatile platform. No matter if you are using the Hercules 20 for Agriculture, Construction, Security, Surveillance, Inspection or Surveying is the perfect tool to achieve aerial applications. Fully customizable thanks to its accessories (spray, camera, etc ..) but also to its ability to carry payloads and heavy sensors. The Hercules 20 is the ultimate tool for any type of mission.

The Hercules 20 compact design makes it extremely easy to store and to carry. With its 4 removable arms and landing gears the Hercules 20 measures less than 60% of its operational size. Compact but powerfull : an unique ultra compact drone with high playload capacity.


VTOL sytem

Heliplane is a professional drone that combines the advantages of multirotor drones with fixed drone wing and with the transition between these two modes in flight, it allows for takeoff runways and landing easily. Necessary surface 1m² from ground

Control system

Automatic flight plan and object tracking


Infrared camera. Camera daytime zoom of 12.2x. A reception of video in high definition (full HD) encrypted in AESS256 : 10km

Flight duration

100% electric energy. Long flight time

Ultra transportable

The heliplane is ready to be transported in a backpack

  Groupe Protec supports its customers in training its operators to deploy our solutions safely