Anti drone struggle

Boasting high accuracy drone detection and characterization with a near zero false alarm rate, is Power over Ethernet (PoE) ready, and simple to install. Easy to scale up in order to accommodate changing security needs and evolving budgets, Hydra allows 2 levels of protection to choose from :

  • Omnidirectional : Detection of drone and pilot presence within a 360° radius (+1km)
  • Direction-Finding : Precision drone and pilot position within a 360° radius with azimuth precision +/- 10° (+2km, with azimuth precision within a 1km radius)

Why Radio Frequency?

Radio frequency (“RF”) is the most cost-efficient method of drone detection on the market today in terms of range, accuracy, level of information and speed. While secondary technologies such as electro/optics, infra-red, acoustic, etc. may be added, a truly optimal security system is incomplete without RF. Given the regulatory complexity of electronic anti-drone countermeasures, RF’s offers a more viable means of neutralizing a drone threat through pilot detection and localization.

User Interface

Command & Control on laptop/tablet (option semi-rugged or rugged) or integrate into an existing system via VMS or Hypervisor.

 anti-drone solutions : 4 formats to meet your airspace security needs


24/7 airspace security in a fixed area


Highly portable airspace protection for temporary situations


Protect convoys and people with an anti-drone solution embedded directly into a vehicle


Drone detection/neutralization* encased in a rugged backpack for on-the-go missions

lutte anti drone

Portable solution M1

Portable solution designed specifically in a backpack for detection on-the-go. This solution is perfect for Law Enforcement.

anti drone portable

Portable solution M2

Portable solution integrated into a backpack for military interventions. The solution contains an electronic countermeasure system to neutralize* the threat.

Available end of 2019

*The purchase or usage of jamming technologies only applies to public order, national defense and security needs or public law enforcement in accordance with local regulations.

Depending on your needs, secondary technologies can be added to radio frequency solutions, including radar, etc.

  Groupe Protec supports its customers in training its operators to deploy our solutions safely